cauquil Mécanique de précision

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Our know-how:


2012 - Expansion of 3.500 m2

We work the following metals:
Aluminium, Titanium, Inconel, Various steel grades
New unity of sawing (thick sheet steel and hard metals)

The core of our trade: Precision turning and milling
     - traditional
     - Computer Numerical Control
     - on 3, 4 and 5 axis Machining Centres with EROWA fast positioning systems and
BLUM machine control

Assembly :
Emmanchements of the rings
Assembly and sertissage of movements and kneecaps
Assembly of nuts-rivets
Realization of small sets
See Agreements QUALITY

Deburring by process Tribofinition
See Agreements QUALITY
Numerical Controls:
     - traditional
     - 3D
Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer-aided management of tooling
All of our activities are assisted by Hélios Computer Aided Process Planning software.
Our industrial sectors:
- aeronautics
- automobile
- medical
- public works

Cauquil SAS - Chemin des Landes - 31850 Mondouzil
La Mécanique de Précision
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